handy tips

Your CV

Your CV is your selling tool and the best chance you have of breaking through the noise. Keep it short and ideally 1-2 pages.

Think about the message you are sending out to your audience. A profile overview is a great way to introduce yourself and provide a synopsis of your personality and background. It should be a strong, succinct paragraph at the top of your CV which summarises your experience and strengths.

Dates of employment should be in chronological order and include months and years to provide an accurate account of your work history. Ensure that your position title and the name of the organisations you worked with are clear. List your major clients and key responsibilities and achievements.

Add some Oomf to your CV too – what are your interests, what makes you stand out?

Your Folio

For creatives, your folio and the way you present your work is crucial to your success.

Keep your folio and website up-to-date and tailor it depending on the opportunity. Include your most recent work at the front and a range of samples that highlight the breadth of your skills and touch points you have worked across. Summarise your projects with an overview of the client brief and be clear about your involvement.

Including personal projects is a great way to showcase your initiative and passions.

Include 10 or more strong, diverse pieces that each tell a unique story. Be able to present your creative thinking and your ideas. Don’t be shy to brag about your awards or notable achievements.